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“The Carnival of Beaks”, 39’/42’ FullHD
LNF and Monticola Films, 2021

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All beaks ideally match specific feeding patterns, allowing the birds to be effective and at the same time not to interfere with the neighbors. Filled with beautiful shots, the film tells in detail how the beaks function and what advantage each of them gives.  The fantasy of Nature when creating the diversity of beak shapes was endless - it is a true carnival in the wildlife world.


Short synopsis 

Wings, scaly legs, feathers, big eyes and… beaks! These features clearly let us know we’re looking at a member of the bird kingdom. Like surgical instruments, each beak is a highly specialized, precise tool. For each operation and ecological niche a special tool is needed. Is this variety of shapes and colors really justified?

We travel to different parts of the world and observe different adaptations. Birds collect nectar, nibble on needles and young buds, crack hard nuts, feast on berries, catch insects and even kill other animals. These birds live in different parts of the planet and in different biotopes, therefore the food source can be very different. But what about those who live and raise their offspring in difficult conditions, where food is sparse, and at the same time many of those who want to eat. We set off for an arid region, into the steppe of Kalmykia. There are almost no bodies of water here, and in those that do exist there is often a salty, inhospitable liquid. Nevertheless, many birds find a refuge here and are able to feed themselves.


Directors: Mikhail Rodionov and Nadezhda Dorofeeva

Producer: Anton Smirov

Locations: Russia, Kenya

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