“Sense of flight”, 42’/53’     4K
Red Square, DNA Film Production
and Monticola Films, 2024

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Incredible journeys and exciting discoveries bring young adventurers closer to unraveling one of nature's most amazing secrets: how and why birds migrate.


Short synopsis 

A young couple, Lesha and Sveta, are inspired by the bird's phenomenal abilities. They embark on a journey to discover how exactly birds are able to instantly navigate and stay on course for thousands of kilometers and how their bodies change to survive long migrations. The fledgling spouses observe birds, talk to scientists, and even try to learn avian abilities. 

Directors: Nadezhda Dorofeeva and Anastasia Vankova

Producer: Andrey Maximov and Ilia Krivitskiy


Locations: Russia, Australia, Germany, Israel

More info: www.birdnavigation.com

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