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“Peli-island”, 42’/53’     4K
LNF and Monticola Films, 2023

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Short synopsis 

The Great White Pelican is an iconic bird, but little is actually known about its life in nature. First class wildlife photographers, passionate scientists behind the camera and conservationists in Russia, Israel and Kenia invite us to discover this unseen world with incredible closeness, while giving the big picture of the birds’ condition at once: With high end shots from the bird’s eye’s view to images from a hidden, sumptuous natural sanctuary, this documentary offers an unexpected, fresh take, where humans are just another part of a fragile, organic system, a part of the problem and a part of the solution. Welcome to Peli-Island!


Directors: Nadezhda Dorofeeva and Sergey Tsikchanovich

Producer: Anton Smirov

Locations: Russia, Kenya

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