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“Grebe that grabs”, 39’/42’     4K
LNF and Monticola Films, 2023

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Short synopsis 

A wildlife documentary about the bird you will never see in a zoo. These birds can only live in the wild. Among the large flock of black-headed gulls, which have established a noisy colony on an abandoned fish-breeding pond, stands out a small dark duck with a snub-nosed beak - the black-necked grebe. The life of this red-eyed bird with golden sideburns is full of interesting events: they turn the pond into a dance ball, waltzing with their neighbors, build complex floating nests, carry children on their backs, sort things out with water shrews and hunt incessantly... They live and survive, enjoy tranquility and fighting for life, they are independent notable birds and, at the same time, just an element in the ecosystem of the pond, only a grain of sand in the natural world.

Directors: Mikhail Rodionov and Nadezhda Dorofeeva 

Producer: Anton Smirov

Locations: Russia, Austria, France (or Germany)

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